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9 AppExchange Partners Share Office Fun

If it's all work and no play, your office environment might need some love. Here are tips and stories from AppExchange partners on lightening the office mood. From unicorns to tuna sandwiches, read on to get some fun ideas for future office antics, while having a laugh during the Rock-Paper-Scissors contest.


Dell Boomi

We love to play practical jokes. Like sending IMs such as “I love tuna sandwiches” in the middle of a business released-thread.



We love birthdays. On our employee’s b-day, we “customize” their desk with Hello Kitty PEZ dispensers, unicorns, and other fun things.



We named our annual user conference FUNcon so it has to be fun. That’s why each year we end it with an awesome Rock-Paper-Scissors contest.


The Krow Group

We love Canadian breakfasts -- beer, poutine, and maple syrup.


NC Squared

The mad scientists at NC2 also mix up drinks in their lab. The team won the best cocktail competition at a London mixology event.



We have an office-wide event each week. For examples, we throw In the Know lunches where we learn about a colleague's particular passion.



We organize fun events and outings such as International Beer Day and Friday lunches -- and post photos on our culture wall.


Screen Magic

We play games and make noise every Friday. We call the day "ShorSharaba" (translation: making loud noise for fun).



Our company is very musical. For example, the SpringCM house band plays at all our events and our company president teaches guitar to any Springer.


Learn more about these partners at Dreamforce. Visit their booths to share how you like to have some office fun.

Amanda Nelson is Director of Community Marketing at Salesforce AppExchange.
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