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8 Salesforce Labs Solutions Customers Love

Salesforce customers often rave about the usefulness of Salesforce Labs solutions. For those unfamiliar, Salesforce Labs apps are free, customizable solutions built by Salesforce employees. Whether you are looking for apps to help you transition into Lightning or for components to help you with data visualization, there are over 350 Salesforce Labs solutions to help solve any business challenge.

I had the opportunity to speak to some of our customers who love Salesforce Labs, and they gave me the inside scoop into a few that helped them solve their toughest challenges. Here's what they said:

Anna Loughnan's Favorites:
Anna Loughnan has been Trailblazing with Spark New Zealand since 2008, a leading telecommunications company in New Zealand. She is also the founder and co-leader of the Wellington Salesforce User Group.

Appexchange Dashboard Pack for Sales, Marketing, and Service
“This app is a wonderful starter series of dashboards I’d recommend to anyone who’s looking for inspiration. You’ll find all kinds of insights you didn’t know you could get! Truly something for everyone in here.”

Lightning Adoption Tracker Reports and Dashboards
“If you are transitioning your org to Lightning as I am, then these reports give you great insight around user adoption of LEX, and who’s switching back, and more.”

Community Consumption Reports
“It keeps me informed as to what is happening in my Customer community and helps me monitor the licensing vs logins. I have these scheduled weekly so I can take action quickly on license consumption.

Anna also recommends two other Labs apps: I’m Out - The OOO Case Handler, and Case Management Across Multiple Salesforce Orgs.

Bill Martinez' Favorites:
Bill is a Salesforce expert with over a decade of CRM business process re-engineering and technical expertise. He also is a Co-Leader of the NYC DUG (Developer User Group) and helps to mentor new admins to be successful.

Salesforce Adoption Dashboards
“Salesforce Adoption Dashboards was one of the first apps I ever installed into my Salesforce org. It gives me real statistical data around those who used Salesforce and those who did not. It also helped us uncover the early adopters so they could help us champion the new implementation. With the prebuilt reports and dashboards, it saved me time from building from scratch.”

Milestone - PM Project Management App
“A simple design project management app which was customizable to meet our business. I worked at a startup company which did not have a large amount of money to invest in third-party apps. However, we needed an application that helped us keep track of the ordering of hardware equipment, setting up that equipment for the customer and installing the equipment as a turnkey service for our clients. As an admin, I customized it quickly for our business use.”

Mass Delete
“This was one of the other first apps that was installed into our production org. As a new admin, the data loader skillsets would come down the line at a later time, so we relied on this app to do our deletes quickly. It also empowered our data steward and sales managers to delete right in Salesforce itself. It was great because it did a soft delete on the records and they would be in the recycle bin in the event we needed to restore them.”

Simon Gascoigne's Favorites:
Simon Gascoigne has been championing the use of Salesforce for over a decade. He is based in Sydney as a Senior Engagement Manager for Arxxus Technology Partners and is a co-leader of the Sydney Salesforce User Group.

Agile Accelerator
“This is Salesforce's own Agile Development toolset which has been shared for everyone to leverage – the power of Labs in action! When Salesforce made the highly successful switch to Agile back in 2006 they created GUS (Grand Unified System) to help track business requirements, measure progress, and successfully deliver releases. They have continued to innovate GUS and now it is available to customers as Agile Accelerator. It gives users the ability to use drag and drop tools to manage backlogs, sprints, and user stories.”

AppExchange Dashboard Pack for Sales, Marketing, and Service
“This is an oldie but a goodie as it saves so much time. For newcomers to Salesforce this is great way to get started with some handy dashboards across sales, service, and marketing. In those early days it will really help with your ability to measure the adoption of Salesforce across your organization. Soon you will be off creating your own new dashboards, but I bet you will still keep coming back to these ones, too.”

Clean Your Room!
“On the name alone this is an amazing Labs app! This is the perfect dashboard for keeping sales teams honest and keeping their deals moving. It highlights deals that have been pushed back repeatedly without recent activity and deals missing key data. Sales managers will love this and it can be customized further to suit your organization.”

Check out some of the Salesforce Labs solutions recommended by our customers and give them a test drive in your Sandbox to see what they're all about. If you're curious for more, check out the collection here. And if you haven't already, meet our new Salesforce Labs Evangelist, Sharon Klardie.


Christine Lee is an Associate Product Marketing Manager for Salesforce AppExchange.
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