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26 Marketing Apps from Connections 2018

Connections was full of exciting apps and technology for marketers. Connections might have been the digital marketing, commerce, and customer service event of the year, but it was also a great way to learn how Trailblazers are leveraging new technologies and apps. Salesforce customers are unlocking the full power of their businesses to create differentiated, convenient experiences that deepen relationships and earn loyalty. If you missed it or need a recap, here's a quick rundown of some of these game-changing apps, which you can check out and install right here on AppExchange.

Arlo Training

Arlo is a cloud-based training and event management software designed to promote, sell and deliver your courses and events. Arlo will automate your manual administration with simple scheduling, registration, payments, automatic communication, and reporting.

Avalara AvaTax

Avalara AvaTax is the leading cloud-based transactional tax compliance solution, Salesforce-ready and only a mouse-click away. Avalara serves tens of thousands of businesses globally and processes over two billion sales and use tax transactions annually.

Bluedot for Marketing Cloud

Bluedot Location Marketing empowers brands to use their patented geofencing and Geolines™ technology to lift conversions and sales through location-based mobile content, payments and analytics.


Is your brand missing the mark on converting prospects in the middle of the funnel? BounceX’s Behavioral Marketing Cloud identifies a larger portion of your funnel and enables you to deploy People-Based Marketing campaigns both onsite and through email.

Click & Pledge Event Management

Event Management offers the full functionality of an event management solution while integrating with Salesforce and a payment system. From creating events to receiving payments and reporting, Event Management provides an easy, customizable option.

Clutch Loyalty

Clutch Loyalty powers highly personalized, scalable loyalty programs that leverage real-time and unified customer data from across Salesforce clouds, as well as any third party data system including point of sale.


DemandJump provides the key insights marketers need to focus marketing budget where it matters the most. Optimize your marketing budget, grow traffic, and drive revenue. for Quip is an easy way to add simple, yet powerful, diagramming capability for everyone in your Quip instance. gives you a fully featured editor live in your Quip pages, so you never have to switch context. Best yet, all data is stored fully within Quip.

Fielo Loyalty & Incentive Cloud

Fielo is an incentive and loyalty automation solution native to Salesforce that allows manufacturers, CPG, and technology companies to design, manage, and gain insight from programs that build consumer and channel partner engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

Fonteva Events

Fonteva Events is enterprise events software powered by Salesforce. From online registration to agendas and planning logistics, Fonteva will integrate seamlessly into your events operation, turning Salesforce strength into successful events.


Build smart online web forms with Salesforce integration with zero coding. FormTitan delivers Bi-directional, custom objects, and files in a powerful tool. 

Invoca for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Invoca for Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives call intelligence for every call from your email campaigns. Get credit for the calls you're driving through email, understand who's calling and what was said, and use that data for targeting and personalization.


Localytics is a unique mobile engagement platform that breaks down the silos between analytics and marketing, allowing brands to send more targeted marketing campaigns and understand which messages are driving positive changes in user behavior.

Lifecycle Manager by Rubikloud

Rubikloud is a machine intelligence platform that transforms a traditional multi-channel retailer into a modern data-driven retailer. Rubikloud ingests, processes, and models data using the latest machine learning algorithms.

ConsumerConnect 360 Lightning Bolt

ConsumerConnect 360 is a customized cross-cloud platform that enables consumer goods companies to enhance their relationship with end consumers by creating service-led, 1:1 journeys across multiple channels.

Marketing Cloud Quip Live App

Combine the magic of Marketing Cloud with Quip's superpowers and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Plan, create, communicate, and collaborate fast with all the right people, from any device.

Movable Ink

Use intelligent content by Movable Ink to enable marketers to activate data and generate the perfect email content for anyone, at any moment.

Musqot Marketing Planner

Marketing Planner helps marketing organizations with planning, budgeting, and management of their marketing plans. It is an operation system for the marketing department, replacing spreadsheets as the main format for planning, collaborating, and reporting.

Persado Connect

Interested in boosting your testing capabilities beyond A/B? Persado Connect lets you explore up to 16+ content variations, so you can explore deeper to find the language that will give you the highest performance, all with just a few clicks.


Personalize and track 1:1 direct mail as easy as email. Send perfectly timed welcome kits, letters, and swag in your customer journeys.


This connector makes it easy to turn real customer photos and videos (UGC) into shoppable marketing assets. Use Pixlee to improve performance across shopping cart abandonment, post purchase email, and other promotional & brand marketing email campaigns.

ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™

ROI's lifecycle marketing automation solution scores your prospects and customers, builds engagement, automates campaigns, and graphically shows the progress of every individual as they move through the lifecycle of their relationship with your brand.

Swrve Mobile Marketing

Enhance and compliment Marketing Cloud by adding the most advanced mobile marketing automation that uses AI to optimally send the right message at the right time to the right device.


SessionM and Salesforce are joining forces to deliver a fully integrated, omnichannel loyalty solution for enterprise marketers. Fueled by real time data and personalization, Loyalty Cloud maximizes the lifetime value of your customer relationships.


Bring the power of video and viewer analytics to Salesforce, with Vidyard. Take advantage of native video content creation in Salesforce, and track every viewer's engagement with your videos across every marketing channel to turn viewers into customers.

WeChat Marketing

Deliver personalized marketing on WeChat at scale. Maximize Marketing Cloud effectiveness by delivering the right message at the right time on China's most popular platform, WeChat.

These apps took part in Demo Jams at Connections, were sponsors and have AppExchange listings, or are featured in the our Marketing Apps Guide.

Amanda Nelson is Director of Community Marketing at the Salesforce AppExchange.