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Did You Know You Can Find Consultants on AppExchange? Here’s How

In addition to the many solutions at your fingertips on AppExchange, you have access to over 1,000 consultants. These are certified practices offering strategic guidance, deep technical skills, and relevant expertise to help you transform your business.

Salesforce consultants are companies that are authorized by Salesforce to develop and deliver custom solutions, project implementations, integrations, migrations, and more.

Customers are addressing major challenges and having invaluable experiences in working with consultants. "A very committed team that is willing to help and support. The team was very professional, fun to work with, and [has] a really extensive Salesforce experience and knowledge. They have been very responsive especially considering the different time zones of some of our key stakeholders. The overall experience has been very positive.” - Kerby Court’s AppExchange review on Traction on Demand

For experiences like Kerby’s with Traction on Demand, here’s how to use AppExchange to find the right consultants for you.

“Consultants on AppExchange” is available now and easy to find using the top navigation bar in the AppExchange header. Under the “Consultants” tab, you’ll find these new features.

Screenshot of the Consultants window

Consultant Finder

Within the Consultants page, you’ll find “Consultant Finder” — a guided search engine to help narrow down your search by answering a few questions. Specific search criteria — such as preferred location, company size, and product and industry expertise — will help you get started. Then, you can further filter their searches based on consultant rating and language preference.

Screenshot of the Consultant Finder


With over 1,000 consultant listings, filtering makes it easy to sort and organize partners based on your needs. Once you’re on the Consultants page, use the filters to find partners by:

  • Product specialization (Salesforce expertise)
  • Industry specialization
  • Country, state, and province in the US and Canada
  • Practice size (using the filters for certified employee count)

These filtering capabilities are backed by data collected through the Partner Navigator certification program. Location information is based on where partners have done business in the past or currently have certified employees.


One of the most popular ways to find information on AppExchange is to use the search bar at the top. The search functionality includes fuzzy matching and recommendations based on other searches, making it easy and fast to find consultants. Once the search results load, you’ll see a section called “Consultants,” which lists all of the relevant partners based on your search query.


All of the details about consultants lives on their listing pages. Similar to app listings, you’ll see an overview of their business, relevant content and images, and contact information.

But there’s more to these listings. You’ll easily evaluate potential consultants with key metrics such as:

  • Rating
  • Completed project count
  • Certified employee number
  • Tier

This information is displayed on the listing summary bar.

And here’s some other helpful features of the consultant listings: The interactive map will help you find expertise in your area, and see where the partner is located. The expertise tab drills deeper into a partner’s Salesforce product and industry specializations and their Salesforce certifications.

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