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7 Ways to Find Salesforce Labs Solutions

Welcome to your all-access pass to Salesforce Labs, the customer-adored collection for all of the free and customizable solutions created by Salesforce employees. With 250+ Labs solutions, you can take advantage of apps and components ranging from data visualization to lightning transition, all from inside your Salesforce org, and available on AppExchange.

With all these popular solutions, here are the seven best ways to find Labs on AppExchange. 

1. Navigate by Category

Labs solutions can be accessed directly on the AppExchange home page with the “Top Categories” list, which can be found to the right side of the AppExchange homepage. Simply scroll down to find ”Salesforce Labs” which will direct you to all of the Labs offerings in the Labs Collection.

2. Look for the Labs icon

If you see the beaker icon, know it’s a Salesforce Labs solution. They are located throughout the website, but they’re also on the homepage. By scrolling further down, you can find the Salesforce Labs icon beside Appy. Clicking the Labs Icon will bring you to the Salesforce Labs collection page.

3. Find Salesforce Labs by Type of Solution

Salesforce Labs appear amongst the curated collections of apps. By navigating on the menu bar to “Solutions by type” select the category “Collections”, and navigate directly to the Labs Collection

4. Learn about Salesforce Labs on Listings

Once you click on a Labs app that appeals to you, by scrolling down on the app listing, you can find the Salesforce Labs tab, which can direct you to the Labs Collection. All of the details about Labs live on their listing pages. You’ll see an overview of their solution, relevant content and images, and technical details. But there’s more to these listings. You’ll easily evaluate potential solutions with key metrics such as user reviews, update history, and Lighting Component readiness.

5. Grab the Salesforce Labs App Guide 

On the Ohana tab, you can find “App Guides”, which are informational ebooks crafted to help you find the right solutions. The Salesforce Labs App Guide offers insights about product specific solutions from Labs. Click on the apps throughout the guides to see their listings and to install. The last page of the guide takes you to the Salesforce Labs collection page.

6. Salesforce Labs is on Twitter

Check out @salesforce_labs on Twitter to dive into Labs, and stay updated with the newest solutions. There’s often giveaways and games, so follow along for the fun. 

7. Take the AppExchange Basics Module on Trailhead

Learn about Labs through the AppExchange Basics Module on Trailhead. The first unit will direct you to the AppExchange Labs Collection. The rest of the module is also extremely informative and can help you learn even more about AppExchange.

Go explore the ever-expanding collection of Labs on AppExchange. Happy hunting and good luck in your quest to find the perfect solutions for your business needs. 

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Max Studer is a product marketing intern at Salesforce AppExchange.
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