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The Winners of the 2019 Dreamforce Demo Jams

Demo Jam, a game show-style event where AppExchange partners demonstrate their technology in three minutes in front of a live audience that votes for their favorite demo, began at Salesforce in 2015 as a webinar series. In 2016, there were a handful of live sessions at Dreamforce. In 2017, we expanded to eight, and in 2018, there were even more.


Dreamforce 2019 was back with 11 Demo Jams and 51 partners. The winners of each Demo Jam across Dreamforce faced off in the Mega Demo Jam. One partner emerged victorious, winning their respective Demo Jam and then beating out all of the other winners in the Mega Demo Jam. See that winner below, along with the amazing partners that joined the fun, fought hard, and came out with some awe-inspiring demos.

Mega Demo Jam: Battle of the Winning AppExchange Demos

Winners throughout the week came back to compete for the big prize in the Mega Demo Jam. Not only did it include the biggest demo battle of the year, but it also featured special guests and tons of wild and crazy antics.


Hosts: Jeff Grosse, Joshua Hoskins, and Amanda Nelson

Demos from the winners at Dreamforce 2019:


Dun & Bradstreet - Beyond Apps winner

Xactly Incent - Sales winner

Jitterbit - Developer winner

FormAssembly - Customer Service winner

OwnBackup - Admin winner

Copado - Finance winner

CloudSense - Commerce winner

Mogli rapping at the Mega Demo Jam

Watch the replay >>

Here's more of the Demo Jams at Dreamforce 2019, including the competing partners, livestream replays, and the amazingly entertaining hosts. Nonprofit and Education (1) had two exciting Demo Jams focused on Salesforce Foundation partners. These partners help nonprofits and higher education organizations, and demonstrated how they do it in three minutes or less.


Hosts: Aleksandra Milcic Radovanovic, Mark Adcock, and Shirin Birjandi

Demos from:

DonorSearch - WINNER




KnowWho, Inc.

Exponent Partners

Watch the replay >>

DonorSearch wins the first Demo Jam of Dreamforce 2019 Nonprofit and Education (2)

Hosts: Joanna Iturbe, Tal Frankfurt, and Shirin Birjandi

Demos from:



Enrollment RX





Winning Flow solution Consent Capture being demoed at the Salesforce Labs Demo Jam

Beyond Apps

There’s more to AppExchange than apps. This Demo Jam covered components, bolts, Lightning data, flows, and more. Customers learned how to build and extend Salesforce in ways you never thought possible.


Hosts: Nik Panter, Ines Garcia, and Holly Rushton

Demos from:

Dun & Bradstreet (Lightning Data) - WINNER

7Summits (Bolt)

Coveo (Component)

Vidyard (Component)

Appirio (Bolt)

Watch the replay >>

Dun & Bradstreet wins the Beyond Apps Demo Jam with their Lightning Data solution

Sales Apps

Out of the thousands of apps on AppExchange, the majority of solutions are sales-related. While it was tough to pick just five, we showed how to extend Sales Cloud and your Salesforce experience for your sales army in this Demo Jam.


Hosts: Adam Olshansky, Stephanie Foerst, and Miriam Kahn

Demos from:

Xactly Incent - WINNER


NC Squared

NICE InContact


Xactly Incent wins the Sales Demo Jam

Watch the replay >>

Developer Apps

Development just got easier with AppExchange solutions for developers. From data backup to data uploads, to gauging the health of your Salesforce org and more, we covered it all with this developer-focused Demo Jam.


Hosts: Kerry McClauss, David Giller

Demos from:


Jitterbit - WINNER

Prodly Moover



Jitterbit wins the Developer Demo Jam

Customer Service Apps

Service Cloud and Field Service Lighting are important tools in the customer service agents’ toolbox, but so are AppExchange solutions. These service-related apps demonstrated how to save time, boost productivity, and run your entire customer service experience in Salesforce.


Hosts: Leyna Hoffer, Sandi Nuss Zellner, and Miriam Kahn

Demos from:

FormAssembly - WINNER

Accounting Seed




Accounting Seed about to go on stage in the Customer Service Demo Jam

Admin Apps

Fight inefficiency and boost productivity by automating, streamlining, and accelerating every department. Here are five apps that do just that, in this exciting battle of the admin app demos.


Hosts: Jarrod Kingston, Monica Sandberg, and Holly Rushton

Demos from:


OwnBackup - WINNER




Conga demoing at the Admin Demo Jam

Finance Apps

If you were seeking ways to do more with Salesforce in the world of financial services or revenue operations, look no further than this Demo Jam. We showed five partners' finance-related solutions in three quick minutes.


Hosts: Gordon Lee, Barbara Christensen, and Hana Mandapat

Demos from:

Copado - WINNER





Copado wins the Finance Demo Jam

Commerce Apps

Did you know Commerce Cloud solutions are now on AppExchange? Now you can do more with Commerce Cloud than ever before, so we got excited about the next e-commerce move with this Demo Jam.


Hosts: Rebe De La Paz and Roy Gilad

Demos from:

CloudSense - WINNER





The big crowd at the Mega Demo Jam


Salesforce Labs

Salesforce Labs are free apps built by Salesforce employees. They are unmanaged, open source packages that are ready for customization.


Friday, 11/22 at 10:30 a.m., AppExchange Theater, Moscone West, first floor

Hosts: Charly Prinsloo and Sharon Klardie

Demos from:

Consent Capture (Flow) - WINNER

Digital Store (Flow)

In-App Guidance


Dunning & Collections

Watch the replay >>

Brunch Dreamin

A bonus Demo Jam, Brunch Dreamin, featured the fearless leaders of the Community Conferences held around the globe. These hard working, event-planners-as- a-second-job, had three minutes to demo how they run their conferences. The winner was Down Under Dreaming Sydney.

For even more Demo Jam fun, watch past Demo Jams and see the participants' apps right here on AppExchange at

Amanda Nelson is Senior Director of Community Marketing for AppExchange, Salesforce.
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