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Appy News: New Additions Come to AppExchange

Once again, the Salesforce ecosystem of builders, customers, and partners are coming together to change the world for the better. For AppExchange, the thousands of solutions, and the exciting growth around it, aims to help this ecosystem. What’s even more exciting is that AppExchange is expanding, by introducing new partner and employee-built solutions for commerce, sales, service, and marketing.

Commerce Cloud solutions enable you to build differentiated, rich B2B and B2C commerce experiences to drive growth. Salesforce Billing payment apps streamline your collections process by making it easier to accept customer payment. Robotic processing automation (RPA) and chatbots from Service Cloud speed up self-service and securely automate repetitive tasks across systems. Lastly, Datorama solutions extend the power of marketing intelligence by enabling developers to create custom apps that marketers can discover and use on the Datorama platform.

That’s a lot of amazing technology, so if you feel it’s a lot to download (in your head and in Salesforce), here’s the skinny on each of these four new offerings.

Commerce Cloud solutions

Now more than ever, consumers are buying online, and using their smartphones to do it. Ecommerce and mobile commerce are huge for business owners and app developers. And for consumers, ecommerce and mobile commerce technology boosts their engagement, retention, and purchases. 

Integrations and partner solutions are a huge part of Commerce Cloud’s experience and capabilities, which is why Commerce Cloud continues to invest in building out partner offerings. Now, these partner solutions, bringing innovative commerce experiences, are here on AppExchange (see the collection). 

Tailor your ecommerce platform to the needs of your customers with Commerce Cloud solutions, from in-store to on-site merchandising and point-of-sale experiences, payments, shipping and tracking, and more. 

B2C Sample Solution: PredictSpring

Connect your consumer and store associate app experiences. PredictSpring powers native consumer mobile apps and store associate apps including Clienteling, Endless Aisle, and mPOS.

B2B Commerce Solution: PunchOut2Go

Enable B2B PunchOut Catalog and order automation capabilities with any eProcurement system. Integrate the Salesforce B2B Commerce storefront with the PunchOut2Go Gateway to mediate communication between Salesforce B2B Commerce and their B2B buyers’ purchasing procurement systems.

Shop all Commerce Cloud solutions >>

Salesforce Billing Payment Apps

The payment process is a crucial step to the customer experience and billing process.  It’s essential that this process provides the right flexibility and choice - while adhering to regulations like PCI compliance - to make it easy for your customers to make a payment. The new Salesforce Billing Payment Apps are here to help (see the collection).

These new solutions use a managed package on AppExchange that extends Salesforce Billing by embedding payment capture during eSignature or linking Salesforce Billing to payment gateways, without needing to build or maintain the integration. 

Provide more payment flexibility to your customers and manage the payment process that is right for your business.. On AppExchange, choose the Salesforce Billing Payment App that is right for your business, install the package into your org, and configure it in Salesforce Billing.

Sample Solution: GoCardless for Salesforce Billing

Automate direct debit processes natively within Salesforce. Set up customers on direct debit mandates, including bank account validation. Collect recurring payments, e.g. subscriptions, donations, instalments. See payment status and handle exceptions, e.g. retry payment failures. 

Check out Salesforce Billing Payment apps >>

RPA Bots (Robotic Process Automation) and Chatbots 

RPA bots automate business processes. This CIO article explains it well, and states, “[RPA] captures and interprets applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems. RPA scenarios range from something as simple as generating an automatic response to an email to deploying thousands of bots, each programmed to automate jobs.”

Chatbots, or conversational agents that mimic human speech or text to simulate a conversation, make it easy for your customers to quickly find answers, while also automating common questions and conversations for employees. Chatbots are often used in the customer service space for support operatives and customer satisfaction.

Now, the process of setting up RPA and chatbots just got easier. You’ll speed up customer self-service and enhance agent productivity with the new AppExchange packages. These new solutions — built by AppExchange partners and Salesforce employees (via Salesforce Labs) — make it easier to build and deploy RPA bots and chatbots (see the collection).

Sample Solution: Automation Anywhere

This Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution leverages software bots to work side-by-side with human workers automating repetitive, mundane tasks and liberating people to focus on higher-level business initiatives. It can scale thousands of bots in a matter of days through a single platform enabling you to focus on the customer.

Sample Solution: Einstein Contact Us Bot

Replace your Web2Lead and Web2Case static forms with a conversational experience, available 24/7 to create, qualify and route new Leads, answer your most common questions and if needed, create, qualify and route Cases within your contact center.

See the chatbots and RPA solutions >>

Marketing Analytics Solutions for Datorama

Marketing analytics solutions for Datorama expand your marketing intelligence with dedicated apps for connecting, unifying, and acting on all your marketing data. With marketing analytics solutions, you can quickly create a single source of truth for every major marketing function.

Datorama is now on AppExchange, and has solutions to measure and optimize every marketing investment and activity. Measure social media performance, optimize your media spend based on Einstein Marketing Insights, track KPIs, develop competitive insights across your social networks, and much more. Check out the entire collection.

Note: Marketing analytics solutions require a Datorama license and are also available in the Datorama Marketplace.

Sample Solution: Facebook Ads App for Datorama

Compare your Facebook Ads campaigns’ performance, track key KPIs across custom date ranges, and optimize your media spend based on embedded Einstein Marketing Insights.

See the Datorama solutions here >>

Learn about all of the different solutions AppExchange has to offer, and get these latest solutions from Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Billing, Service Cloud, and Datorama.

Amanda Nelson is Senior Director of Community Marketing for AppExchange, Salesforce.
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