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Your December 2019 AppExchange Briefing

This month, we’re covering how Sunrun uses Skedulo, fan favorite apps from Dreamforce, and a new app built by a Salesforce employee that’ll make the perfect gift.

Talking AppExchange: Sunrun Shines with Skedulo

On this episode of Talking AppExchange, Salesforce's Maria Cataldo chats with Sunrun's Ellen Jokerst and Tim Haines to learn how Sunrun, the nation's leading home solar and battery company, uses Skedulo to consolidate data, schedule, analyze, and optimize across its retail locations to roll out solar technology across the country.

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200+ Fan-Favorite AppExchange Apps at Dreamforce

AppExchange mixed it up this year at Dreamforce. Here are over 200 of these apps, components, bolts, flows, bots, and more from the conference. They all help you extend Salesforce to almost any department and industry while bringing out the app fan in all of us. Bookmark, save, and dive into this massive list (in no particular order) to find your perfect mix of solutions.

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AppExchange Mavericks: Contract Lifecycle Management in the Cloud with Icertis

This interview between Salesforce MVP Denise Carbone and Icertis EVP Peter Boit explains what Icertis' Contract Lifecycle Management solution does, how it helps companies, and why it's unique among solutions in the marketplace.

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Solving the Inventory Struggle in Field Service Lightning

Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) is designed for any business that has a fleet of people in the field — deliveries, repairs, installation, etc. FSL streamlines the process for resources in the field through numerous different features. Learn how Ascent Solutions pairs well with FSL for comprehensive inventory management.

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Behind the Labs: Gift Exchange by Stephanie Ho

The holidays can be a fun and festive time of year, and also one of the best times to see the impact of technology. And while lots of changes have revolutionized personal gift-giving, the tried-and-true “Secret Santa” method hasn’t updated much. When it came time for her team’s Secret Santa, Stephanie Ho saw an opportunity to spread holiday cheer while building on the Salesforce Platform.

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Ecommerce Design Trends Leading the Way to 2020

Ecommerce web design is constantly evolving. We’ve come a long way since the patterned backgrounds of the 1990s and the ubiquitous Flash animation of the 2000s. Going into 2020, online stores have begun to favor a sleek, streamlined design that prioritizes user experience. We predict you’ll see these six trends a lot more in the coming year. We recommend you follow these to help improve the usability of your own site.

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5 Reasons Your Deals Aren't Closing and How to Get Back on Track Quickly

The marketing and sales landscape has arguably grown more complex and nuanced over recent years, particularly in B2B. Organizations with longer, more involved sales cycles are feeling the strain on their lead-generation funnels –– with fewer qualified leads coming in and even fewer crossing the threshold to a closed-won deal. If you’re selling into enterprise and haven’t been having success lately, there are five reasons why and what to do about it. 

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Amanda Nelson is Senior Director of Community Marketing at Salesforce AppExchange.
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