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19 Brilliant AppExchange Solutions for Einstein Automate

When it comes to innovating and automating, Einstein Automate is smart. And if your goal is to automate service tasks, repetitive processes, and build connected experiences, there are pre-built solutions available on AppExchange to help you make Einstein Automate even faster. 

Let’s take a closer look at 19 pre-built AppExchange solutions that can help you speed up customer self-service, enhance productivity, and automate workflows even faster with Einstein Automate. Get all of the solutions that work with Einstein Automation here.

Robotic Processing Automation (RPA)

RPA solutions enhance productivity by automating repetitive, manual tasks such as entering text and updating fields. With Einstein Automate, RPAs can automate processes when APIs are not yet available. Speed up customer self-service and enhance agent productivity with this RPA collection.  


The UiPath Connector for Salesforce delivers a dynamic integration between UiPath Orchestrator and Salesforce, enabling you to seamlessly add world-class UiPath RPA capabilities to your Salesforce experiences.

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Automation Anywhere

The Automation Anywhere RPA Bots for Salesforce enables you to launch bots from anywhere in Salesforce, pass data, and get a response. The bots can be automatically launched in response to any event generated in Salesforce using Process Builder.

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Blue Prism RPA 

Use Blue Prism's connected RPA solution to easily build and deploy an intelligent digital workforce equipped with advanced RPA and AI technology for enhanced, personalized customer experiences.

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Decision Engines automates the end-to-end processing of Salesforce Service Cloud requests. Automates routine knowledge tasks in business processes, enabling unprecedented business efficiencies, agility, and delightful customer experiences.

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Bots, or conversational agents that mimic human speech or text to simulate a conversation, make it easy for your customers to quickly find answers, while also automating common questions and conversations for employees. Extend Einstein Automate with customer service bots in this bots collection.

Einstein Contact Us Bot 

The Einstein Contact Us Bot turns static web forms into conversations. Deploy an engaging experience on your website with our embedded chat widget, or on your community with a couple of clicks.

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Rider Bot

This Einstein Bot and Lightning messaging-enabled experience let you interact with field service appointments over SMS and a variety of other messaging channels.

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Chronos Bot

Chronos offers a way for your customers to schedule, view, or adjust Lightning scheduler appointments using chat or SMS. Embed the Chronos Bot on your website or mobile app with Salesforce Embedded Service for Chat, or enable an SMS number for the ultimate in customer convenience.

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Utility Bot

Utility Bot is a versatile and scalable bot for utility service providers that answers commonly-asked questions. This bot is powered by the Salesforce Lightning Platform and Einstein to make your service interactions seamless.

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Google Bot

Google Bot expands what you can do with a bot natively on the Salesforce platform. A real AI and NLP powered conversational bot that is deeply integrated with Salesforce, Google Bot offers mobile, web, SMS, Facebook, and Twitter support.

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Flow Actions

Accelerate automation with pre-built flow templates to clone and customize. Assemble industry-specific flows to build seamless, connected experiences that align with your specific business needs. With flow actions and Einstein Automate, you’ll create standalone building blocks to build flows. Discover all of the flow actions here on AppExchange

Flow Video Player & File Viewer 

Embed videos and files in your Lightning Flows with Flow Video Player & File Viewer. Gain total control over the video size, starting position, and auto-play from directly inside of your Flow screen. 

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Service Agent Script for Lightning Flow 

This flow action is designed to help your service agents manage customer cases. Make your flows better with this lightweight call script component. Simply add the component to your flow screens, and enter your script text.

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Customizable Flow Header & Footer with Progress Indicator 

With this dynamic header and footer package, instantly convey key flow information to both the end-user and internal agents, all while massively improving usability.

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Address Picker Autocomplete for Flow 

The Address Picker Autocomplete for Flow finds address suggestions as you type, and, upon selection, completes relevant fields for you..

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Flow Magic

Take the UX of your process flows to the next level and convert your picklist fields into visually-engaging selectors in seconds with Flow Magic. Visual selectors boost productivity and the engagement of your flows by providing context and simplicity.

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Flow Templates

Flow templates simplify the flow building process by making it easier to create flows that connect with, and perform actions on, third-party systems without requiring additional integration or code. The Flow Templates collection and Einstein Automate gives you the edge you need to assemble industry-specific flows on the fly to build seamless, guided, and connected experiences.

Adding Multiple Related Records

With this simple flow template, you can search, select, and relate multiple records at once. Install pre-built business processes as flow templates that you can clone and customize to meet your needs, without starting from scratch.

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Questionnaire Form

With Questionnaire Form, quickly and easily create and complete highly configurable forms. Responses are captured, organized, and automatically linked to appropriate users or external systems.

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Use these free flow templates to clone records with children, and generate records with originating values from multiple objects.

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Leverage GetFeedback's flow template to easily add branded, mobile-ready surveys and forms into your flows. GetFeedback surveys serve as a powerful front-end for fueling data entry for your automated business processes.

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Consent Capture

With Consent Capture, manage consent directly in Salesforce using the new privacy and data governance objects with this flow template. You can customize the process flow to your business requirements.

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Learn more about Einstein Automate solutions in this collection page on AppExchange.

Christian Connors is a writer on the AppExchange team.
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