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Your May 2022 AppExchange Monthly Briefing

This month we got a closer look at six ideas any sized company can consider implementing to make each meeting more impactful, saw how brands can use feedback from user-generated content (UGC) to foster long-lasting relationships with their customers, and took a deep dive into quick ways to amplify your new app’s marketing strategy. 

ESG Sustainability: It’s More Than Going Green

Companies committed to ESG sustainability need to zero in on measuring sustainability throughout the end-to-end value chain and the amount of data that will take is enormous. Forward-thinking organizations are already putting the technology, people, and systems in place to collect, analyze, and report this data. Taking a voluntary step toward transparency will earn trust from investors, customers, and employees alike. You’ll show the world that you are committed to making a difference. Read the story on Medium >> 

How MFA Affects Subscriber Support Console Access

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an easy and effective way to increase user account protection against common security threats like phishing attacks. It does this by adding an additional layer of security to a login process by requiring users to submit two or more pieces of evidence — or factors — to prove they are who they say they are. Multi-Factor Authentication can be a powerful tool to provide security to customer orgs. Make sure that you enable MFA for your support users so that they can properly support your customers. Read the story on Medium >> 

How Winthrop Wealth Empowers Advisors to Better Serve Clients with Salesforce AppExchange

In today’s business world, small businesses can’t afford siloed applications. Pre-built integrations move data between applications and connect workflows — improving productivity and streamlining business processes. As Winthrop Wealth’s story illustrates, by making integration capabilities a priority in the application selection process, small businesses can reap benefits more quickly, easily, and cost-effectively than if integration is an after-thought. Read the story on Medium >> 

How Salesforce AppExchange Benefits the Enterprise Level HRs

The role of hiring managers or recruiters is changing as hiring automation increases. By reducing the hiring time and increasing the quality of hires, recruiters can be more proactive and strategic in their roles. As hiring volumes continue to increase, the need for automation will only strengthen. Soon, hiring the right talent will depend on not just the recruiter’s caliber, but also their ability to intelligently automate the hiring workflows to lead them to accurate candidate data. Read the story on Medium >> 

SearchUnify: Namely Customer Spotlight When Namely needed to update the way their sales team interacted with customers, they knew they’d find the solutions they needed to make their business more unified on AppExchange. After installing the SearchUnify app, they were not only able to offer an efficient customer service process, they finally had the data they needed to make more informed decisions in the office every day. See the spotlight on AppExchange >> 

6 Ideas to Make Pipeline Review Meetings More Efficient

If you talk to most account reps, sales managers, or even casual observers they dread the weekly pipeline review meeting. The meetings can be cumbersome and typically involve just making sure data is up to date in the system. As established businesses strive for improvement, pipeline reviews become both critical and necessary to identifying areas of risk, focusing on the right deals, and creating meaningful financial forecasts and projections. Here are six ideas anyone at any sized company can consider implementing to make each meeting more impactful and more efficient. Read the story on Medium >> 

Why UGC Management Belongs in Salesforce

User-generated content (UGC) — including ratings, reviews, and questions and answers (Q&A) — has become essential to consumers wherever they are on the purchase journey. But, UGC can also deliver significant value to brands. For starters, this content is proven to boost conversion. Brands can also use the feedback from reviews and Q&A to improve products and services and those that engage with UGC have the opportunity to foster long-lasting relationships with their customers. Read the story on Medium >> 

The Emergence of Intelligent Swarming

We now live in a world that is always on and offices seem to always be connected. Slack, Teams, Trello, Asana, Zoom, Google Suite, or Office365 are all tools available today in the corporate world enabling collaboration. Many support organizations have taken a shot at swarming using one of these tools (or other), and have had great results. However, one challenge remains: reducing the noise. Read the story on Medium >> 

TraveLite: Pasha Travel Customer Spotlight

When Pasha Travel wanted to find a new way to handle their clients, they knew they’d find the solutions they needed to make their customer experience less turbulent on AppExchange. After installing the TraveLite app, they were finally able to offer smooth-flying operations from onboarding to disembarkment, all while lowering costs and increasing conversion rates. See the spotlight on AppExchange >>

6 Quick Ways to Amplify Your Marketing Strategy

So you’ve built a brand new app and now you want the entire world to know about it. In an all-digital workplace, marketing has become more connected than ever. While new formats and platforms are continuously introduced to the public, it’s become more important to establish and maintain an online presence. Here are a few quick tips you can use to spread awareness of your app. Read the story on Medium >>

 8 Sustainable AppExchange Apps to Help You Go Green

AppExchange apps not only help solve business challenges, they also support your office as a platform for change by reducing CO2 emissions, waste management, managing sustainability initiatives, and more. If you’re looking to make sustainability changes at your company, look no further than this list of apps with sustainability features, and many more on AppExchange, to get the ball rolling today. Read the story on Medium >> 

7 Contract Management Apps to Help Simplify Your Business

When it comes to manual contract input, it can be easy to let the laborious process slow down your team. Contract management apps could be the answer and offer a wide range of capabilities instantly, including the ability to create digital workflows in minutes and send, sign, track, and upload file agreements quickly and securely directly in Salesforce. Here are seven apps to help you find more efficiency and simplify your business. Read the story on Medium >> 

Accounting Seed: LionHeart Critical Power Specialists Customer Spotlight

When LionHeart Critical Power Specialists wanted to find a new way to report their data, they knew they’d find the solutions they needed to make the process more efficient on AppExchange. After installing the Accounting Seed app, they were able to get the entire company working from a single source of truth and eliminate manual processes. See the spotlight on AppExchange >> 

How to Scale Your Call Center: 4 Tips for Growing Organizations

In the world of customer service, call centers are essential, no matter the size of your business. Call centers are often behind the first interaction that a customer has with your company, which sets the stage for what happens next. The best way to get the job done is to have qualified call center representatives and innovative technology solutions in your toolkit. But a successful call center doesn’t have endless resources at their disposal, just the right, scalable balance. Read the story on Medium >> 

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