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40 Customers in Chicago Shared These Must-Try AppExchange Apps

Midwest Dreamin’ is a community-led, community-run event. It’s organized by regional Community Group leaders who bring a ‘super community group’ to the midwest for learning, inspiration and networking. This year, Midwest Dreamin’ delivered over 40 sessions ranging from hands-on training to engaging Demo Jams to emotional detox, plus keynotes from Kris Lande and other Salesforce leaders.

During this exciting event in the windy city, we asked customers how AppExchange solutions helped overcome a business challenge this year, and what topped their favorites. Here’s what fans of AppExchange in the midwest had to say.

Alice Menchaca, Sales Solution Consultant

“Streamlines training processes.”

Favorite app: RingLead Field Trip

Meg Gjeldum, Enterprise Sales Solution Analyst

“Processes are smoother [and more] streamlined.”

Favorite app: Assign Topics Unscoped

Angie Boyd, Salesforce Consultant

“Made my life easier, and reduced our coding times.”

Favorite app: SpringCM

Tom Hoffman, Practice Lead

“Solves many client problems and shortens deployment times.”

Favorite app: Rollup Helper

Alice Menchaca

Erin Gilbert, Chief Marketing Technologist

“We’re coding less and less handwritten forms.”

Favorite app: RingLead Field Trip

Bryan Lilllehaugen, Salesforce Admin

“[It] helps with cleanup prior to Lightning conversion.”

Favorite app: Round Robin Assigner

Eric Maxwell, Business Development

“[It] streamlines contracting processes.”

Favorite app: Conga

Rebecca Rechner, Associate Business Analyst

“Field trip has helped us by seeing if fields are being populated and being used.”

Favorite app: Round Robin Assigner

Denise Carbone and friends

Laura Eaton, Project Manager

“Understanding a new org.”

Favorite app: RingLead Field Trip

Rachel Miland, Business Analyst

“Helps new reps learn unknown territory.”

Favorite app: Geopointe

Debbie lillehaugen, Salesforce Admin

“[It] helped me find what need to be converted.”

Favorite app: RingLead Field Trip

Becky Lueck, Business Analysis Manager

“Moved our contract management into our Salesforce environment.”

Favorite app: Apttus

Sonal Gupta, Lead Salesforce Developer

“We use Docusign and Conga for integration, with the help of AppExchange.”

Favorite app: Docusign

Cassie Supilowski

Jennifer Maxwell, Business Development Executive

“[AppExchange] helped us find solutions for our clients.”

Favorite app: Conga

Suni Guempel, Sr Solution Designer and Test Analyst

“Customers can engage in our HealtheIntent data.”

Favorite app: Definitive Healthcare's CRM

Alex Carroll, Salesforce Cloud Consultant

“It helps my nonprofit clients for lots of different use cases, especially avoiding costly custom development.”

Favorite app: Nonprofit Success Pack

Ross Kinkade, Founder

“Cleaned up a Salesforce org.”

Favorite app: Docusign

Pat Harris, Solutions Architect

“[It] got me a job!”

Favorite app: IPfolio

Steve Petrie, CRM Operations Manager

“Presenting project status to clients using Conga Composer.”

Favorite app: Pardot

Richelle Hennen

Kat Harrison, BA

“Integration. It’s all about integration.”

Favorite app: Conga

Daniel Preece, Platform Engineer

“Merge multiple cases in Service Cloud.”

Favorite app: Case Merge Premium

Jack Willard, Business Manager

“Introduce new features seamlessly to our teams.”

Favorite app: Superbot

Denise Carbone, Director, Service Delivery

“Fills in gaps, so we do not need to do a custom build.”

Favorite app: FormAssembly

Chad Simmons, Account Executive

“Allowed us to help a client in need.”

Favorite app: Exponent Case Management ECM

Shem Enriquez

Maria Lopez, Manager of Commercial Ops

“Helped upload data easier.”

Favorite app: Lightning Sharing (component)

Martin Ryder, Customer Success Manager

“It helped me find the right product for the issues I was facing.”

Favorite app: Copado

Allison Letts, Principal Consultant

“The AppExchange extends my ability as a consultant!”

Favorite app: Apsona

Russ Badgett, Business Development

“Total save of time and visibility.”

Favorite app: Mission Control

Laura Pfab, Salesforce Business Analyst

“It has given me so many options to solve various business problems/challenges.”

Favorite app: Velocify

Vicky Weber

Cece Adams, Business Analyst

“Helped me pull org data.”

Favorite app: Config Workbook

Shem Enriquez, Salesforce System Administrator

“Count records that I was unable to do with out of the box functionality.”

Favorite app: Rollup Helper

Danelle Lockwood, Salesforce Solution Architect

“Migrating to lightning, I’ve downloaded about 20 components. Love them all.”

Favorite app: Clicktools

Andrea Stratton, Salesforce Administrator

“Loading data and making changes to Salesforce was time consuming and error ridden. Using XL Connector cut down the time and increased accuracy.”

Favorite app: XL-Connector

Myles Grossblatt, Salesforce Admin

“Finding a solution to a complex business issue.”

Favorite app: Rollup Helper

Chad Anderson

Cassie Supilowski, Director of Data Solutions

“Getting data from external stakeholders.”

Favorite app: FormAssembly

Vicky Weber, Business Operations Analyst

“It helped us clean up our contacts without active owners during a mass org cleanup.”

Favorite app: Mass Transfer Contacts

Jen Bowen, Consultant

”Helping org discovery and health of org.”

Favorite app: Org Health

Richelle Hennen, Salesforce Administrator

“I was able to provide a full dashboard to my manager after finding the Adoption dashboard with all the data he was looking for!”

Favorite app: Salesforce Adoption Dashboards

Chad Anderson, CEO

“Find good partners.”

Favorite app: Conga Composer

Sam Link, Sr Salesforce Admin

“To better report on case resolution times.”

Favorite app: RingLead Field Trip

Check out Midwest Dreamin, and for more favorite AppExchange solutions from customers, read this post.

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