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Your January 2020 AppExchange Briefing

This month, we’re covering how 4,000 customers took part in Salesforce Labs Day, how NuAge Experts uses TaskRay, and the apps that eight Trailblazers take on their adventures

Accelerating Digital Transformation with a Hybrid Approach

Organizations of all types are having to rethink their approaches to deal with this explosion of information, in addition to ever more competitive and demanding business environments, where compliance with regulations and standards, or just organizational governance policies, are all part of the new normal. "Digital transformation," the "digital workplace," and "digital business," are more than just buzzwords, even if they've been overused by the marketing types, they are imperatives to remaining competitive moving forward.

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4,000 Trailblazers Take Part in Salesforce Labs Day

From October to December, community groups around the globe took part in #SalesforceLabsDay, using over three hours of Salesforce Labs-focused material during their meetings, ranging from hands-on activities, presentations, Demo Jams, games and fun on social media. Oh, and giveaways, too.

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10 Salesforce Automations to Effectively Manage a High-Volume Sales Pipeline

As the volume of leads flowing through the funnel increases, it becomes difficult for sales teams to manage and convert them manually. There are also fair chances of some leads slipping through the cracks due to human error and, in-turn hurting the growth of your business. To tackle this, learn about the ten must-use Salesforce automations to help your sales team effectively manage a high-volume sales pipeline, boost productivity, and close more deals.

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20 Trailblazer-Favorite Retail Apps for 2020

Looking for ways to help your retail business thrive? Jumpstart your search with the newest app guide covering retail apps on AppExchange. It’s a quick read, filled with recommendations for AppExchange apps that solve common challenges in the retail industry. To highlight, here’s a look at the apps featured in this guide. Get ready to shop ‘til you drop.

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99 Problems, But a Siloed Workflow Ain't One

Companies, by their very nature, require multiple individuals working together toward a common goal. But all too often, as organizations become larger, the more resource-wasting redundancy rears its head. This eventually produces a negative ripple effect throughout the organization, delivering a sobering blow to the business’s bottom line, but more importantly the customer and employee experience.

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NuAge Experts Customer Spotlight

NuAge Experts needed a solution to manage their hundreds of active projects, while providing visibility into resourcing and the project life cycle. Using TaskRay, NuAge Experts was able to reduce project creation time by 10 hours a week, reduce tracking data entry time by 25%, and saw 100% adoption across the organization.

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AppExchange Mavericks: How OSF Commerce Delivers a Holistic Commerce Roadmap

In this episode of AppExchange Mavericks, Cloud for Good CEO and Salesforce MVP Tal Frankfurt chatted with OSF Commerce's James Bruce to understand OSF Commerce's specialties, real-world examples of how it helps customers, and how the company is approaching transformations across commerce experiences.

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What a Naval Flight Officer Turned Solution Architect Can Teach Us About Goal Setting

David Scott Nava recently retired from the military in July 2019 after 20 years of service as a Naval Flight Officer. A father of two teenage boys on a single income family, David couldn’t afford to have a gap in employment when he left the military. With his hard work, goal-oriented mindset, and the support of the Salesforce community, he was quickly hired as a Solution Architect at PolSource, a Salesforce consultant.

From there, his career and experience with the Salesforce ecosystem took off. Learn about David’s journey, his story, and his approach to successful goal setting.

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My 5 Favorite Salesforce Labs Solutions from 2019

Happy 2020 Salesforce community, partners, and friends! This past year, the Labs team witnessed one of our best years yet with over 70 new, free solutions available on the AppExchange. Naturally, it begs the question, “What were your favorite Labs solutions in 2019”? And without further ado, here are Bill Mariani’s my five favorite solutions from 2019.

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8 Trailblazers Reveal the Apps They Take on Their Adventures

A brave soul navigating the twists of a career change as though it were a rushing river. A fearless pioneer striving to overcome inequality in tech like a climber ascending the Alps. A daring individual leaping into the expanse of learning a new field with the confidence of a well-parachuted skydiver. These are examples of intrepid adventurers who found their way to AppExchange, and it changed their lives. Here’s a recap from the ebook, The True-Life Adventures of 8 Tenacious Trailblazers.

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12 Award-Winning Salesforce Labs Solutions

This year’s solutions found fierce competition with 75+ newly released Salesforce Labs solutions and over 300 Labs solutions available on AppExchange. We are thrilled to share this year's Salesforce Labs Appy Award winners and if you have not explored these solutions yet, now is the time.

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7 Google Shopping Feed Optimization Strategies You Need to Know

Google Shopping is the ultimate goal for advertisers. Online retailers want to make sure that when people search for products on Google, their ads pop-up first in Google results. To make this a reality, advertisers should focus on product feed optimization to boost their visibility. Without it, your products are less likely to show up, and if they do appear, it’s often as a result of high bids because your products were not seen to be as relevant.

Read on to get additional tips and strategies.

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5 Reasons Duplicates are Killing Your Salesforce Effectiveness

A duplicate-free Salesforce environment is key to an efficient sales and marketing machine and to the perception of your organization by your customers. In this post, we start with a definition of duplicate data. Next, we will look into different ways duplicates frustrate the work of your sales and marketing team and how this will affect (potential) customers. At the end, we will consider different options for the cleanup and prevention of duplicates.

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