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120+ Well Wishes & Favorite Apps on Appy’s 1st Birthday

Appy is the guide that everyone wishes they could have. Since she knows a lot about all things Salesforce, she leads the way to help you navigate the AppExchange ecosystem to solve your business challenge. Appy is also a connector. If she doesn’t know the answer, she uses her extensive network to connect the right people together to solve your problems. No challenge is too great, so just ask Appy. She is ready to help.


On March 30th, the Salesforce Ohana celebrated Appy’s first birthday. Here’s a look at some of the Appy Birthday messages from Trailblazers, and their favorite apps.




“It’s pawsome to have an appy celebration.” - Akashdeep Arora

Favorite app: Test Class Generator for Salesforce



“Wishing Appy a very Appy Birthday on her first trip around the sun! Thank you for bringing us such cool apps.” - Becka Dente

Favorite app: Drop My Dossier



“Appy Cat, you make every part of my job more fun. Happy 1st birthday lady, I can't imagine AppExchange without you.” – Leyla Seka

Favorite app: Dog Tracker and Client Tracker



“Appy Birthday, Appy! We wish you the very best and can't wait to celebrate with you.” - Leyna Hoffer

Favorite app: DemandTools



“Appy Birthday. Here’s to YOU on your very first AppExchange birthday!” - Faith Kindle

Favorite app: Clean Your Room



“Wishing Appy a very Appy Birthday on her first birthday anniversary. I am sharing my birthday cake for Appy.” - Pritam Shekhawat

Favorite App: Trail Tracker



“Happy Birthday Appy. My birthday wish to you is that you become a Trailhead ranger.” – Parker Harris

Favorite app: Any 4 or 5 star Lightning Component



“Have a very APPY birthday!!” – Warren Wick

Favorite app: Dataloader.io



“Appy Birthday to Salesforce's Appy.” - Dan Rigsby

Favorite App: Formstack



“Paw-ty on, Appy!” - Cassie Supilowski

Favorite app: FormAssembly



“Happy Birthday Appy -- if you're this amazing at 1, I can't wait to see you as a teenager!!” –Tony Prophet

Favorite app: DocuSign



“Happy New Year Appy- (I refer to birthdays as personal new years)...My new year wish for you is that you get over 6 million installs and make over 500 new partner friends.” - Leah McGowen-Hare

Favorite app: Dataloader.io



“Happy Birthday, Appy! You're the essence of Ohana - connecting customers, partners and solutions all on the Lightning Platform!” – Bill Patterson

Favorite app: DocuSign



“Happy first birthday! Thanks for blazing new trails for our partner ecosystem. Wishing you a year of health and appyness.” - Tyler Prince

Favorite App: Trail Tracker


“Happy B-Day Appy.” – Andrew Raymond

Favorite app: Copado



“Much sunshine, many rainbows and lots of fun and laughter - and of course cupcakes!” – Sarah Franklin

Favorite App: Trail Tracker



“Happy Birthday Appy.” - Bhavna Banodha

Favorite app: Salesforce for iOS



“Appy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” - Kana

Favorite app: rakumo Sync



“I wish Appy a very happy birthday and hope she gets the 5,000 more apps she has always wanted.” – Andrew Albert

Favorite app: MapAnything




“Congratulations on a successful 1 year and best wishes for more. Happy Birthday Appy.” - Salma Khathun‏

Favorite app: AutoRABIT



“Appy turns 1!” - Seema Dhingra

Favorite app: Agile Accelerator



“Another adventure filled year awaits you. Welcome it by celebrating your birthday with splendor. Wishing you a very happy and fun-filled birthday, Appy!” - Harshala Shewale

Favorite app: Ultra FieldHistory Tracker



“Wish you a pawsome party with all your pals! OR Wish you appy-sized bedazzled rainbow sneakers. Those would be the cat's meow.” – Chris Duarte

Favorite App: Trail Tracker



“One year old and already a superstar...Happy Birthday Appy!!!” - Andrew Montgomery

Favorite app: Nonprofit Success Pack



“Appy Birthday to Appy. Wish you all the success and fun. Thanks for sharing cool apps with us.” - Prathmesh M.

Favorite app: SMS Magic



“Appy Birthday. Can't believe it's been a year Appy. Congrats. Love all the apps you feed up to us.” - Linda Paulson

Favorite app: SpringCM



“Happy Birthday wishes to Appy.” - Bash Din

Favorite app: ZumZum Financials



“Happy 1st B-Day Appy!” - Jon Jessup

Favorite app: CloudPerks



“Wishing you a very Augmented Reality.” - Felicity Starr

Favorite app: MailChimp



“Hope AppExchange gets to map all its customers and deliver some return gifts using Map Plotter Premium! Happy 1st Birthday, Appy! Appy Birthday.” - Extentia Cloud

Favorite app: Map Plotter



“Appy Birthday, Appy.” - Mithilesh Kumar

Favorite app: GetFeedback



“Appy Birthday. Amazing journey so far. Many more to come.” - Ajit Singh

Favorite app: Events Reminder



“Wishing a very Appy Birthday to the coolest cat in the Salesforce Ohana!” - Julianne Boley

Favorite app: Field Trip



“Appy Birthday.” - Sami Rizwan

Favorite app: GetFeedback



“Happy Appy Birthday. Hope you enjoyed TrailheaDX with the Salesforce Community!! Let's rock n roll.” - Vipul Goel

Favorite app: Workato



“Happy Birthday Appy! Here's to many many more!” – Evan Johnson

Favorite app: Field Trip



“Wishing an Appy Birthday.” - Marisa Hambleton

Favorite app: Bid Track Sell



“Appy Birthday, Appy. One year of Salesforce Ohana and love!” - Enrico Murru

Favorite app: Process Click



“Appy Birthday.” - Pranali Mahajan

Favorite App: Ultra FieldHistory Tracker



“Happy Birthday, Appy.” - Yesha C.

Favorite app: OwnBackup



“Happy Birthday.” – Lise Crawford

Favorite app: Alpha Easy Sort



“Happy first Birthday, Appy.” - Sheri

Favorite app: DocuSign



“Happy 1st Birthday, Appy!” - Kerry

Favorite app: Salesforce CRM Dashboards



“Appy Birthday.” - Raja Kumar Pallepati

Favorite app: TaskRay



“Happy 1st birthday, Appy!”- Markus Bleichner

Favorite app: Magic xpi Integration Platform for Salesforce



“Appy Birthday.” - Nansi Kela

Favorite app: Events Reminder



“Happy Birthday from Shingo!!” – Eric Bell and friends

Favorite app: SharinPix



“Love the AppExchange! Happy Birthday, Appy!” - Frans Lambrechtsen

Favorite App: Invoca




“It’s been a year! Happy B-Day, Appy.” - Prag HK

Favorite app: Field Trip



“Appy Birthday.” - Steve Harris

Favorite app: MapAnything



“Appy Birthday, Appy! Wishing the best in your 2nd year. Thanks for bringing your good vibes to AppExchange.” - Miriam Rattes

Favorite app: Mavenlink



“Happy Birthday, Appy.” - Sheri

Favorite app: DemandTools



“Appy Birthday.” - Michelle Hansen

Favorite app: Conga Composer



“I hope you have an Appy Birthday!” - Jesse Fusselman

Favorite app: Clone This User



“Happy, Happy Appy! Hope you have a paws-itively wonderful day!” – Suzanne DiBianca

Favorite app: Classy



“Happy Apping!” - Kelli DeBruin and Friends

Favorite app: Conga Composer



“Have an APPY Birthday! It is totally awesome having you as part of the Ohana!” – Eric Dreshfield

Favorite app: Apttus X-Author



“Thanks for making life easier for me!” – Matt Romero

Favorite app: Cloudingo



“Happy Birthday, Appy.” - Kevin Rowley

Favorite app: Field Trip



“Feliz cumpleanos!!!” – Cesar Castro

Favorite app: Bolt Solutions for Community Cloud



“Happy, Happy Birthday.” - Jana Kodel

Favorite app: Conga Composer



“Happy Birthday, Appy Birthday! I mean, our favorite app... has to be ours!” - Match My Email

Favorite app: Match My Email



“Happy Birthday, Appy.” - Shane Stokes

Favorite app: Clicktools



“Happy first birthday Appy!” - Sharon Klardie

Favorite app: Salesforce CRM Dashboards



“Appy Birthday.” - Caro Enevoldsen

Favorite app: Lookup Helper



“Happy Birthday Appy! Thanks for so many great apps!” - David Todd

Favorite app: MapAnything



“Appy Birthday.” - Jean Velonis

Favorite app: GetFeedback



“Happy Birthday, Appy, from the team at ARUP!” - Kathleen McCann-Welch

Favorite app: Field Trip



“The OwnBackup team would like to wish Appy a very appy 1st birthday. We wish you all the best.” - OwnBackup

Favorite app: OwnBackup



“Appy Birthday.” - Dave Dudek

Favorite app: Milestones PM



“Many happy returns of the day, Appy. Appy Birthday.” - Venkatesh Venky

Favorite app: AutoRabit



“Appy Birthday.” - Aleks Radovanovic

Favorite app: Conga Courier



“Happy 1st Birthday! From Marcelle and Milo.” - Marcelle

Favorite app: Gift Aid for PaymentHub



“Hope Appy gets all her birthday RSVP's using FormAssembly.” - Scott Luikart

Favorite app: FormAssembly



“Wish you a very happy 1st birthday, Appy!! Many more to come. Enjoy your day to the fullest.” - Nayana Ray

Favorite app: Salesforce CRM Dashboards



“Appy Birthday.” - BrightReps

Favorite app: BrightReps



“Appy Birthday!! Vera Solutions absolutely loves you!” - Jesse Twum-Boafo

Favorite app: Amp Impact



“Happy birthday Appy. I wish you continued trusted customer success.” – Marc Benioff

Favorite app: All of them!



“Hey Appy, Happy 1st Birthday. Can't wait to eat birthday cake.” - Kalyani Khuspe

Favorite app: Rollup Helper



“Appy Birthday, Appy from all your ISV friends at DigitalGenius.” – Ivan Harris

Favorite app: DigitalGenius



“Happy Birthday, Appy.” Monika Pandy

Favorite app: Conga Composer



“May the years treat you well!!” - Shonnah Hughes

Favorite app: Apsona




“Happy Birthday.” – Allen Bishop

Favorite app: Agile Accelerator




“OH MY GOSH!! I'm so Appy that you've made your FIRST trip around the Sun! Appy Birthday!” – Zachary Jeans

Favorite app: CloudPerks



“Happy Birthday!” - Sanford Woodward

Favorite app: Conga Composer



“Yay!” – Erik Lopez and Friends

Favorite app: Agile Accelerator



“Happpppy birthday!!!!” - Brian Glennon

Favorite app: Dell Boomi



“We're so APPY to be part of the Salesforce Ohana - Happy Birthday to Appy, from me and all my peeps at Spanning Backup!” – Lori Witzel

Favorite app: Spanning Backup



“Appy B-day.” – Matthew Schetselaar

Favorite app: Agile Accelerator



“It's only been a year - but it's hard to remember our world without you. HUGE Happy Birthday Appy!!!”– David Havlek

Favorite app: FinancialForce



“My birthday wish for Appy is to continue to be the marketplace that democratizes access to technology for our partners. H-Appy Birthday! #EqualityForAll” – Molly Ford

Favorite app: Too many to love!



“Happy birthday, Appy girl! Thanks for bringing us so much joy!” – Heather Conklin

Favorite app: AppExchange Store Builder



“Happy first birthday, Appy.” – Jeremiah Dohn

Favorite app: Too many to love!



“Happy birthday. Wish you an awesome year.” - Stewart McNaught

Favorite app: Action Plans



“Happy 1st birthday, Appy! Thank you for bringing so much H-Appy-Ness to us all.” – Mike Wolff

Favorite app: Appy has taught me to love all of the AppExchange apps that help propel our customer's businesses.



“Appy, excited to see what you’ve accomplished this last year and where you go over the next year.” – Tony Owens

Favorite app: FinancialForce



“Appy Birthday.” – Jennifer Lee

Favorite app: Too many to love!



“Roses are red, violets are blue - it's your birthday, woohoo to you! HBD, Appy!” - Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh

Favorite app: SessionM Loyalty Cloud



“Appy Birthday.” – Jonathan Hughes

Favorite app: Tact Enterprise Manager



“Happy APPY Birthday.” – Jennifer Jessup

Favorite app: Review Studio



“It's my one year anniversary with Salesforce too. Congratulations.” - Shane Clevenger

Favorite app: Too many to love!



“Happy 1st Birthday to Appy — who's #1 with the incredible universe of apps and solutions on the AppExchange!” – Elizabeth Pinkham

Favorite app: GetFeedback



“You've brought so much joy and success in your 1st year, Appy. O ur growing Trailblazer ISV community is looking forward to year 2!!!” – Anne DelSanto

Favorite app: GetFeedback



“Happy Birthday.” - Neal Parkin

Favorite app: Too many to love!



“My birthday wish for Appy is to continue to thrive beyond our wildest dreams.” - Domenique Sillett Buxton

Favorite App: Trail Tracker



“Do something appy! Happy Appy Birthday!” - Lindsay Belcher and Friends

Favorite app: TaskRay



“Happy bday Appy! Live long and pawspurr.” – Leslie Tom

Favorite app: Salesforce Adoption Dashboards



“Thanks for all the help! Appy Birthday!” - Jackie Wankier

Favorite app: Metadata Search



“Have an appy one!” – Robert Pemberton

Favorite app: MapAnything



“Happy belated birthday, Appy.” – Tom Blamire

Favorite app: Survey Force



“Happy one of the Last APPY Birthday wishes of 2018.” - Radhika Bansal

Favorite app: Mediafly



Happy first birthday, Appy. I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working on this team for over two years, and being part of Appy’s journey has been a joy. I can’t wait for year two and beyond.


The AppExchange team made birthday cards for Meals on Wheels San Francisco — a nonprofit meal delivery service to over 3,600 home-bound seniors — and still we invite you to join in. Send your handmade birthday cards to Meals on Wheels, 1375 Fairfax Ave., San Francisco, CA 94124. Learn more here.

Amanda Nelson is Director of Community Marketing at the Salesforce AppExchange.
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