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Your November 2022 AppExchange Monthly Briefing

This month we got a closer look at why AI-driven hiring tools have become a significant HR resource for good, discovered now is a good time to optimize your commerce site for the busiest time of the year, and took a deep dive into three major dialer options for your call center. 

Three Steps to Improve Documentation and Keep Customers Happy

Even though your team runs through dozens of documents a day, you already know having the right piece of data at the right time is crucial to customer satisfaction. But how do you ensure the creation of documents catered to your client's specific needs but not introduce an increase of manual work for your team? Let’s explore three effective steps to help change the way you work with documentation, eliminate manual errors, and keep your team and customers happy.

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Salesforce Labs Monthly Rewind

Free. Employee-built. Open-source. These are a few words that come to mind when thinking of Salesforce Labs. Since 2006, this program has helped countless Salesforce employees with great ideas bring their creations to AppExchange. With so many new ideas being added to the world’s number-one enterprise marketplace, it can be easy to get lost in the excitement. Luckily, we’ve explored all of AppExchange and compiled the newest solutions from Salesforce Labs you need to know about. 

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How Salesforce AppExchange Facilitates Candidate Resume Screening

Those in the recruitment industry are probably familiar with the recent shift in hiring trends showing a move from human to automated resume screening as a significant part of the recruitment process. This is why AI-driven hiring tools have become a significant HR resource for good. How does automated screening software help? The AI-driven screening tools efficiently free HR managers from the tedious manual resume screening task. 

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Why Marketers Should Trust Their Salesforce CRM Data 

Salesforce offers end-to-end capabilities that make the job of a marketer, customer service representative, and salesperson far easier. By providing one platform for previously disparate teams, the sales process and customer relationship-building process become far easier to manage and improve. Here are four key reasons why you should trust your Salesforce CRM data and how to use it to your advantage.

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Learn About the Expanded Commerce Ecosystem Coming to AppExchange

E-commerce sales have grown 50 percent since 2020 and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Marketers need to be digital-first and data-first in order to deliver personalized shopping experiences at scale. To help you more easily and quickly try, find, and install the right apps and experts to extend Commerce Cloud, we are migrating all apps from the LINK (B2C Commerce) marketplace to AppExchange. Our goal is to accelerate your success with Salesforce and make it even easier for you to quickly discover the right apps and experts for your business needs.

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This Founder Is Shaking Up the Insurance Industry. The Secret? Flexibility and Speed.

The insurance industry is undergoing a big transformation. From implementing artificial intelligence to better-determining risk profiles and digitizing the customer experience via mobile, a once predictable industry is no longer. One CTO is riding this new wave of transformation by focusing on agent efficiency through a differentiated experience – and is seeing noticeable results.

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Optimize your Commerce Site for the Holiday Rush

Winter is often the busiest time of year for retailers. As demand for products goes up, it’s important to ensure supplies remain accessible and processes remain efficient. Whether you sell directly to businesses or customers, now is a good time to optimize your commerce site for the busiest time of the year and evaluate your current processes. Here are five free Labs apps you can use to get started.

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Three Outbound Dialers and Why a Power Dialer Wins

​​​​​​When it comes to running a successful call center, there’s little debate over whether you should invest in call center software or a private branch exchange (PBX) solution. Spoiler alert: the winner is call center software. However, drilling down into what makes a robust call center tech stack can get a bit less cut and dry. Let’s take a deep dive into three major dialer options, including auto dialers, predictive dialers, and power dialers. 

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How to Overcome the Top Challenges in Recruiting

​​​​​​For the first time in a decade, client acquisition is not among the top three recruiter priorities. That place has been taken by candidate acquisition, digital transformation, and candidate experience. Overcoming challenges facing these priorities will require a human-centered approach to business growth. To create a winning candidate experience, recruiting agencies need to drive digital adoption of technology that supports process efficiency and a seamless user experience. 

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Three Takeaways from the Salesforce Marketing Intelligence Report

To understand more about the trends shaping marketing efforts in the digital-first era, Salesforce surveyed more than 2,500 marketing decision-makers about what they’re doing and the challenges they’re facing. The result is the third edition of Salesforce’s Marketing Intelligence Report. This comprehensive report makes one thing exceedingly clear: In a world where marketers are prioritizing customer satisfaction and growth, data has never been more important.

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